More About Me

Peak Performance - Personal Touch

Simply put: Josh’s goal is to make the process of buying and selling real estate as stress-free as possible so that you can focus on what you want to do, whether it be hiking or camping in the summer, skiing or boarding in the winter, or just hunkering down in your personal sanctuary with a book, a glass of wine, and your chosen few (pets included)!  

Like many Real Estate brokers, Josh came to the industry from another occupation. However, in a unique contrast to nearly all of his fellow agents, he comes from a rich, varied, and highly successful career as a professional musician. From performing with orchestras across the country in venues all over the world (including regular appearances with the Seattle Symphony and Opera), to participating in multiple Grammy-nominated recordings, to being a session musician for several Hollywood blockbusters, and even to sharing the stage with Metallica for some exceptionally memorable concerts, Josh was consistently among the very best in his field.

You may be asking yourself: “what about this background makes Josh the broker for me?” Friends, the skills and attention to detail that he spent thousands of hours perfecting as a musician allow him to bring an expertly-tuned level of communication and service to the table. Josh knows intimately what it means to multitask, work under pressure with hard deadlines, and most importantly, how to deliver consistently stellar performance regardless of last-minute changes or unforeseen hiccups. His business was built not only on his ability to routinely produce results at the highest level, but also on his ability to relate to and form real and lasting friendships with people in all stages of life and from all walks of life. This organic connection and relationship-building skillset, as well as the related traits of integrity, accountability, and active listening, is a tangible benefit as you seek to navigate this fast-paced and frenetic market. 

Josh fully recognizes that the purchase or sale of a home is one of life’s most important decisions, both in the creation of long-term financial stability and overall happiness and contentment. He would consider it an honor to earn your trust, be your advocate, and assist you in making the best possible decision both in this moment and for your future. 

If you want to chat with Josh to discover how he can help you achieve your goals (with the help of his amazing team at Windermere-Capitol Hill) please feel free to reach out! Even if you’re not ready to pull the trigger on a real estate transaction just yet, he would still love to get to know you and connect over music, wine, whiskey, or the best places to get outdoors in the PNW.